Icelandic Sheepskin Mosque Green | Long hair | 100x65cm

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Green Luxury: Icelandic Sheepskin to Cherish!

Imagine the luxurious touch of our Icelandic Sheepskin in a beautiful shade of green. Born from free life in Iceland's pristine fields, this fur adds natural richness and warmth to your living environment.

This sheepskin, with its refined green color, is perfect for embellishing your sofa, your favorite chair, the kitchen bench or even for placing it directly on the floor. Wherever you put it, the fur spreads a cozy atmosphere. Guess what? These coats will last for many years, making them a durable and timeless investment for your home.

  • Origin: Iceland
  • Dimensions: Between 90 - 110 x 60 - 70 cm
  • Wool length: Longhair
  • Class: A sheepskins

Each coat tells a unique story with its own color variations and textures, shaped by the free life of the sheep. With a generous size of 100 x 65 cm, this coat is versatile to provide warmth to your favorite seating area or to add a decorative touch to the floor.

Why should you still hesitate? Bring the enchantment of Iceland right into your home with this luscious long-haired sheepskin. Add a touch of natural splendor to your everyday life and create a comfortable oasis that you will enjoy again and again.

    *Note: Depending on the settings of your monitor, colors may differ slightly from this Icelandic Sheepskin Green!

    All Dyreskinn® are residual products from the meat industry. The animals are therefore not killed for their fur.

    We only work with the leading European tanneries in the world who follow strict guidelines to ensure that the processing of this product is environmentally friendly, without harmful chemicals .

    How do you maintain your Dyreskinn® products?

    • Brush (pet brush) and vacuum regularly.
    • Clean any stains with a damp cloth. Do not use detergents or chemicals
    • Let the coat dry naturally (not in the sun or over a heater)
    • Avoid direct sunlight as UV can fade the dye (only applies to non- natural colored fur)

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