Wat cadeau te doen voor Moederdag?

What to gift for Mother's Day?

Ook gewoon samen zijn is een fijn moederdag cadeau

How much tenderness and love in the word "mother". In all the languages ​​of the world, it means the most important person who has known us all our lives.
The desire to please your mother with a nice gift in honor of Mother's Day, birthday or just because, will show your care and attention . And it doesn't have to be material things, a simple phone call or visit is even better than banal birthday presents once a year. And the more attentive you are, the more you bring happiness to your loved one. Gifts on special days are an indispensable condition for happiness. On New Year's Eve, on birthdays and of course on Mother's Day. The latter is the subject of our conversation today. And who forgot about this holiday, we remind you - May 8.

What to give for Mother's Day?

The esentimo team has put together a unique selection of gifts for mom.

1. Scented candles are a wonderful gift for creating comfort in your own home. This inexpensive, but certainly pleasant sign of attention invites you to stop for a minute or two, pay attention to yourself and relax. Also, with the help of a candle, you can give a loved one memories associated with a particular aroma. For example, your favorite fresh pastries from a café around the corner or the smell of a pine forest from your childhood. ESENTIMO has all kinds of scents, and one of them is sure to be your mother's favorite scent.

2. Is your mother a connoisseur of beauty and does she like to surround herself with exquisite and beautiful things? ESENTIMO offers to complement the interior with creative candle holders to create a unique atmosphere in the house. Handmade candlestick "MOSAIC" from Casablanca will bring the warm atmosphere of the southern countries for many evenings, and the discreet shape of "ROMBICO" fits perfectly into the minimalist style of home. Both variants are inexpensive and creative Mother's Day gift.

3. What woman doesn't like flowers? Luxurious roses, bright tulips, fragrant peonies, even simple daisies will bring a lot of joy. A stylish vase "Amprion" from Casablanca will be a great addition to a bouquet of flowers. Covered in a hypnotic red glaze, this vase will combine beautifully with white roses or tulips. It can also be used as a separate piece of decor.

There are many gift ideas for mom. The problem of coming up with a gift is no longer relevant; it is more difficult to choose one thing in a wide variety of beautiful things, and we help you with this! In our interior shop ESENTIMO you will find wall decoration, unique garden decoration, sculptures in different sizes and shapes, but also furniture for the home.

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