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A gift for him and how to make the right choice.

Choosing and giving gifts is an art.

Een cadeau voor hem

The most difficult thing is to choose a gift for a man as a woman. First of all, you should consider what position the man takes in relation to yourself. Some gifts might be inappropriate to give to a friend's husband, for example. Or, for example, the same gift for a friend and your spouse. In any case, the approach must be individual and without "fanaticism".

A good gift is one that tells a man not only about a woman's feelings for him, but also about how well she knows his character, tastes and hobbies. All men say in one voice that the gift will please them if it can be used. Tips - functionality, usability, internal structure, details.

Creative gift for him.

Men appreciate creative gifts, especially the handmade kind. That can be a drawing, a poem or an album. At the same time, the original way of presenting is just as important as the gift itself. Such a creative gift and congratulation is first of all among the best and original gifts.

What about men and scented candles?

Decorative candles are a great gift for all occasions. Inexpensive and beautiful, aesthetic and... creative. The candles themselves not only have a meditative effect, but also help to gain energy, to relax and relieve tension, or to cheer up. Soy wax is a natural product. It is made from soybean oil. Soy candles do not smoke when burned, give an even flame and do not emit carcinogenic substances. And another nice nuance: soy wax candles burn almost twice as long as paraffin candles!

The Esentimo team is ready to help you create a special soy wax candle in the scent of your choice.

Where to start? With the choice of the candle holder! Take into account the taste preferences of your man, his favorite color, style. It is worth considering the design of his office or room. The scent choice is not a problem. Our range includes several options for "masculine" fragrances and perfumes. Especially for a 'gift for him' we are ready to make a custom packaging in the future! For example, tell us the profession or passion of the man and we will adapt the packaging accordingly.

Find some examples of Soy Wax Scented Candles for Men here:

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